Do you want to improve your French while learning about wine? And to understand more while you’re on holiday or speaking to friends? On this course, you’ll practice your conversational French and learn about wine in a relaxed atmosphere.

The course is tailored to you: adjusted to your French level, introducing new vocabulary… Depending on your level, the session may include some English for maximum enjoyment  of the wine tasting.

Not only is Marc Morawek an experienced native French teacher, he has also run popular wine clubs for more than 15 years. Put these two together and you’ve got a great way to learn French in a relaxed way with family or friends.



The details:

  • Sessions of 2 hours, but we are flexible

  • Invite friends, family or colleagues. Up to 8 people meaning you can relax and enjoy (and spread the cost)

  • Glasses and wines (based on your tastes and budget) are provided

  • Great value: £60 for 1-2 people, £66 for 3-4 ,  £72 for 5-6 or £78 for 7-8 people