Do you want to learn French but not to pass a test, simply to understand more while you’re on holiday or speaking to friends or colleagues? On this course, you’ll learn conversational French in a relaxed atmosphere without even having to leave your home.
The session is tailored to you, working on the basics to get you started and then focusing on any area you want/need to know most about. And you can either leave the content to me or if you want to learn a particular subject, let me know and that’ll be the focus: it’s your course!
And here’s the good bit; we’ll learn while enjoying a good cup of coffee or glass of wine. Not only am I an experienced native French teacher, I have also run popular wine clubs for more than 15 years. Put these two together and you’ve got a great way to learn French in a relaxed way with family or friends.


The details:

  • Sessions of 1 hour, but we are flexible

  • Invite friends, family or colleagues. Up to 6 people meaning you can really practice the conversation (and spread the cost)

  • Wine can be provided based on your taste and budget

  • Great value: £30 for 1-2 people, £45 for 3-4 or £55 for 5-6

Call/Text Us: 078 75 66 96 17 /   /   25 Dale Valley Road SOUTHAMPTON SO16 6QP, UK

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